Multi Service Arnhem


Multi Service Arnhem is Hoevers full-fledged truck service company; it is the company for repairs and maintenance of light and heavy company vehicles and trailers. This is done on a non-brand related basis, meaning that practically all company vehicles and trailers can be serviced.


Multi Service Arnhem is unique in its kind; within Hoevers, it is completely independent and not only performs maintenance and repairs on own material, but also provides these services to other logistics service providers in the region.


Repair and Maintenance


Multi Service Arnhem repairs and maintains forklift trucks with an electric or combustion engine and provides forklift trucks for a separate pick-up and delivery service. We are the right partner for you for repairs and maintenance of trucks, delivery vans and trailers.




Certifications and inspections are decisive for the state of your material. Multi Service Arnhem is fully equipped for all kinds of inspections, such as MOT tests, VeBIT safety inspection for internal transport material and BTMS inspections for forklift truck batteries.


Multi Service Arnhem has and offers the following services:


  • Repair and maintenance on light and heavy company vehicles
  • Repair and maintenance on all types of trailers
  • Provides inspections, such as: MOT, VeBIT and BTMS
  • Advanced diagnostics and testing equipment
  • Tachograph calibrations
  • Experienced and qualified technical personnel